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Physiolaser olympic

PhysiolaserExplore the Power of RJ Laser for Laser Therapy (LLLT) with Proven Resonance Frequencies and RAC-Test

The Physiolaser stands as a modular expert laser, delivering cutting-edge photobiomodulation through Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Equipped with two channels for parallel use, including point and cluster probes, it allows simultaneous local and reflective (micro- and macrosystem) treatment for optimized laser therapy. Delve into the fundamentals of laser therapy for comprehensive insights.

Tailored for laser acupuncture treatment, our devices are an ideal choice for acupuncturists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, orthopedists, and veterinarians specializing in animal care.

auricular medicine

Expert Laser for Auricular Medicine

The Physiolaser is purpose-built for research in RAC diagnosis, pulse-controlled laser acupuncture, and acupuncture research. With intuitive functionality selection and frequency scrolling, this expert laser facilitates a seamless experience. Featuring all proven bio frequencies, it offers expandability via the SD card for ongoing advancements.


Super Pulsed Laser Probes for Deepest Penetration

Experience precise laser irradiation with various point and cluster probes, ideal for research in acupuncture, auricular medicine, and large surface treatment. Single probes ensure one-handed operation with point attachment for exact irradiation, while super pulsed single and cluster probes offer unparalleled depth penetration.

Laser Therapy – 5x60W/904 nm Cluster Probe, RJ Therapy Programs

The superpulsed probes, including the 5x60W/904 nm cluster probe with RJ therapy programs, find diverse applications in physiotherapy, sports medicine, orthopedics, and veterinary medicine. These programs, featuring precisely defined combinations of biofrequencies, enable frequency application even without RAC knowledge.


LightNeedle (Laser Needle)

Uncover the realm of laser needle therapy with the LightNeedle, seamlessly connected to the Physiolaser. Utilize a laser probe and LightNeedle simultaneously for tasks like energy guidance over ear points or treating multiple patients simultaneously.


packed in a carrying bag.

Scope of Delivery and Therapy Probes of the Physiolaser

The Physiolaser package includes:

Physiolaser (final price dependent on accessories, laser stylus, attachments)
Ever-ready case
Power supply unit
Two pairs of protective goggles
Laser warning signs
Operating instructions
Therapy manual

Physiolaser olympic

Available Probes:

Single probe 500 mW/810 nm
Single probe 150 mW/638 nm
Single probe 90 W/904 nm
Point location (resistance)
Cluster probe Superpulse (movable) 5 x 60 W/904 nm
Cluster probe Superpulse (focused) 5 x 30 W/904 nm
Knee probe Superpulse (focused) 5 x 30 W/904 nm
Cluster probe cw 8x55mW/785nm+4x40mW/655nm (600 mW)
Cluster probe derma 8x55mW/785nm+4x40mW/655nm
LightNeedle 12×50 mW/670 nm
Satellite Scanner 500 mW/810 nm + 150 mW/670 nm


Explore the Power of RJ Laser for Laser Therapy (LLLT) with Proven Resonance Frequencies and RAC-Test. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized advice on maximizing the potential of your Physiolaser.

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PhysioLaser Olympic
PhysioLaser Olympic
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