LightNeedle laser therapy is simply better and painless


LightNeedle – Advanced Laser Needle Therapy for Gentle and Painless Treatment

Discover the revolutionary LightNeedle, a state-of-the-art therapy utilizing laser needle energy and biofrequencies. This cutting-edge technology transforms acupuncture,laser acupuncture, auricular medicine physical therapy, and osteopathy into painless and effective treatments, made easy with the LightNeedle, a Class 3B laser.

The LightNeedle seamlessly connects to one of the Physiolaser’s outputs, functioning like a probe and providing direct access to all therapy functions. Specifically designed for optimal performance in daily practice, the LightNeedle offers fast group treating and a modular design, ensuring an economically efficient application with minimal costs for the user.


Key Features of LightNeedle Laser Therapy:

Versatile Application: Ideal for acupuncture, pain management, trigger points, joints, tendons, muscular-skeletal system, and nerves.
Simultaneous Treatment: Use a laser probe (point/area) and the LightNeedle concurrently, enabling simultaneous laser energy supply or the treatment of two patients at once.
Precise Positioning: Designed for accurate placement, allowing the laser beam to penetrate deeply into the body.


Widest Range of Applications: LightNeedle laser therapy covers various medical laser applications, excluding open wounds (laser shower or Satellite required).
Optimal Laser Needle Stimulation with LightNeedle:

Therapeutic Advantage: The patented applicator deflects the laser beam, ensuring it consistently falls perpendicularly on the treatment point.
Cost-Effective: Easily attaches with standard plasters, offering excellent contact, low consumption costs, and substantial savings for the user.
Flexible Positioning: The laser needle tips can be positioned precisely on small surfaces and extreme curves, enabling treatment in any body position.
Advantages over Traditional Needles:


Painless Stimulation: LightNeedle acupuncture is a painless method that induces energy, relaxation, and a warm sensation during treatment.
Continuous Stimulation: Unlike metal needles, the laser needle provides a gentle and continuous stimulation of acupuncture points.
Experience the future of laser needle therapy with LightNeedle – a groundbreaking solution for effective and comfortable medical treatments.



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