LightStream® – Advancing Laser Therapy with 15 W Power for High-Level Laser Therapy (HLLT)

Experience the cutting-edge Class 4 LightStream® Laser System from Reimers & Janssen, marking a new era in laser therapy and continuing a rich history of innovative laser products.

Revolutionary Single Device Concept
Introducing the breakthrough concept of a single modular device replacing numerous individual devices, the LightStream® stands as an unparalleled milestone in laser therapy. Its innovation lies in interchangeable laser heads, a completely wireless system that is flexible, universally applicable, and allows simultaneous operation of multiple lasers

Key Features:

Large display for therapy programs and treatment plans
Easy updates and remote maintenance
Wireless operation for enhanced flexibility
Versatile Applications in Biomodulation
The LightStream® is designed to be the go-to solution for any indication in the field of biomodulation. Offering direct, noticeable results, it excels in laser acupuncture  acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pain management (acute, chronic), as well as in orthopedics and sports medicine, achieving optimal therapeutic outcomes in minimal therapy time. Laser treatment with LightStream® is non-invasive, gentle, and induces a soothing and relaxing experience.


Modular Structure for Ultimate Flexibility
The LightStream® laser system boasts a modular structure, featuring a base station and a stationary laser with four wavelengths (optical fiber) and/or a mobile laser with a single wavelength or various attachments, such as a point or area probe.

Easily expandable at any time
Completely wireless operation
Innovative Laser Therapy Programs
With the LightStream® laser system, technical parameters are pre-programmed based on indications or can be freely set by the therapist. The system includes optimized therapy programs, proprietary protocols, and individual frequencies according to Nogier, Bahr, and Reiniger.

Stationary and/or mobile laser devices
Bluetooth communication for seamless operation
Additional Accessories for Customization
Enhance your LightStream® laser system with a range of accessories tailored to your requirements:

Various attachments and applicators
Foot switch for easy laser beam triggering
Additional laser safety goggles
Product Features:



Wavelengths in the “optical window” for optimal penetration depth
Three therapeutically used wavelengths (670 nm, 808 nm, 915 nm) for optimal stimulation
High performance with up to 15 watts output (continuous beam, CW)
System Updates via Smartphone App
Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and therapy options effortlessly. The LightStream® service app, once installed on your smartphone, allows easy updates with a simple Bluetooth connection, eliminating downtime and facilitating remote maintenance.

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