Laser Acupuncture and Auricular Medicine acupuncture Ericeira Mafra

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Welcome to where ancient wisdom harmoniously meets cutting-edge technology at Oren Ziv’s clinic. With over 26 years of therapeutic expertise, Oren combined a unique approach that seamlessly integrates laser acupuncture and auricular medicine.
This innovative method not only addresses injuries and orthopedic problems but also delves deep into the roots of health issues, providing a holistic healing experience.

Laser Acupuncture’s Precision in Healing:

Oren Ziv employs laser acupuncture, a contemporary evolution of the traditional Chinese medicine practice. Laser acupuncture stands out for its non-invasive, pain-free application that precisely targets acupuncture points. This technique proves exceptionally effective in addressing injuries and orthopedic problems, offering patients a gentle and powerful alternative for pain management and recovery.

Auricular Medicine: A Window to Holistic Diagnosis:

In conjunction with laser acupuncture, Oren Ziv incorporates the ancient art of auricular medicine into his treatments. The ear, considered a microsystem reflecting the entire body, becomes a crucial diagnostic tool. Oren’s skilled examination of the ear allows for a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s overall health, providing valuable insights into the root causes of ailments.

The Fusion of Tradition and Technology:

What sets Oren Ziv’s approach apart is the harmonious blend of ancient Chinese medical practices with state-of-the-art technology. The combination of laser acupuncture and auricular medicine creates a dynamic synergy, offering patients a comprehensive and personalized healing experience. This fusion not only alleviates symptoms but aims to unearth and address the underlying imbalances contributing to health concerns.


acupuntura mafra

Oren Ziv’s clinic, nestled in Mafra, 10 minutes from Ericeira serves as a sanctuary for those seeking an integrative approach to health. Despite the physical location, the clinic’s online presence is tailored to those searching for acupuncture in Ericeira. This strategic alignment ensures that individuals in Ericeira and surrounding areas can easily discover and benefit from Oren’s transformative methods.


Embark on a healing journey that bridges the gap between tradition and technology at Oren Ziv’s clinic. With laser acupuncture and auricular medicine as the pillars of his method, Oren offers a holistic approach to well-being. The precision of laser acupuncture, coupled with the diagnostic insights of auricular medicine, sets the stage for transformative healing that goes beyond surface-level symptoms. Dive into the world of acupuncture in Ericeira, where ancient knowledge and modern technology converge to unlock the pathways to lasting health and vitality. Visit Oren Ziv’s website to explore the transformative possibilities that this unique combination of therapies offers.

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