Welcome to Laser Acupuncture and Auricular Medicine in Mafra!

At Oren Ziv’s clinic, ancient wisdom harmoniously meets cutting-edge technology. With over 26 years of therapeutic expertise, Oren has crafted a unique approach that seamlessly integrates laser acupuncture and auricular medicine.

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Laser Acupuncture’s Precision in Healing:

Our clinic specializes in laser acupuncture, a contemporary evolution of traditional Chinese medicine. This non-invasive, pain-free technique precisely targets acupuncture points, making it exceptionally effective for addressing injuries and orthopedic problems. Patients experience gentle yet powerful pain management and accelerated recovery.

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Auricular Medicine: A Window to Holistic Diagnosis:

In conjunction with laser acupuncture, we incorporate the ancient art of auricular medicine. By examining the ear, a microsystem reflecting the entire body, Oren gains comprehensive insights into patients’ overall health. This diagnostic approach uncovers the root causes of ailments, guiding personalized treatment plans.

The Fusion of Tradition and Technology:

Located in Mafra, our clinic serves as a sanctuary for those seeking an integrative approach to health. Despite our physical location, our online presence ensures accessibility to individuals searching for acupuncture in Mafra and surrounding areas. This strategic alignment enables easy access to transformative healing methods.


Experience the transformative power of laser acupuncture and auricular medicine at Oren Ziv’s clinic in Mafra. Our approach combines ancient knowledge with modern technology to provide a holistic approach to well-being. With personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs, we address underlying imbalances for long-term health and vitality. Explore the possibilities of acupuncture in Mafra by visiting our website or following us on Instagram for educational resources and updates. Join us on a journey towards holistic healing with laser therapy.

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